Complaints channel

To company A.Fiúza & Irmão Lda, makes available an internal Complaints Channel, where irregularities, inappropriate conduct or non-compliance with internal rules can be reported. The complaint channel may be used by employees of the company A.Fiúza & Irmão Lda, by interested third parties, namely Partners, Suppliers, Service Providers or Clients, even as the professional relationship has, in the meantime, terminated.

All communications will be treated independently and confidentially, ensuring the protection of your personal data, allowing you to maintain anonymity (if you communicate using the form). To this end, the decision to report must be made consciously, thoughtfully and honestly. The company will ensure a response to all reported situations. You can also report irregularities via the following email address:, or, alternatively, send it to the following address: Rua de Lavadouros – Gamil 4755-606 Barcelos, directed to the Human Resources Department.

They are excluded from the scope of application of this whistleblowing channel as claims, not least as related to customer service, products marketed and attention to the general public, as they must be presented directly to the company or to the responsible departments in the case through two respective existing channels for the purpose.

You can also make a complaint using the following form.

After submitting your case by filling out this form, you will be given an access key that will allow you to check the status of your complaint.

  • Terms and Conditions of the Internal Reporting Channel
    1. The Internal Reporting Channel is a mechanism for submitting reports of irregularities, provided by A. Fiúza & Irmão, Lda.
    2. A.Fiúza & Irmão, Lda., ensures that the reception and processing of reports of irregularities are processed independently and confidentially, guaranteeing the possibility of anonymity, if the author of the report so wishes by filling out the form below.
    3. Additionally, the tool also allows the exchange of messages with the author of the communication to collect additional information without compromising anonymity.
    4. A.Fiúza & Irmão, Lda., may not fire, threaten, suspend, repress, harass, withhold or suspend payment of salaries and/or benefits or take any retaliatory measure against anyone who, in good faith, reports an irregularity or provides any information or assistance in the investigation of reports of irregularities received.
    5. A.Fiúza & Irmão, Lda., may only take disciplinary or judicial action if the communications are intentionally false, abusive or made in bad faith, which is why the decision to report an irregularity must be taken in a conscious and considered manner.
      5.1. Personal data is processed for the purposes of detecting, analyzing and resolving potential cases of harassment, discrimination, money laundering and terrorist financing, conflict of interest, corruption, bribery, fraud, theft, theft and damage to property, incidents related to confidentiality, banking secrecy, data protection or other situations that violate legal provisions or rules of conduct.
      5.2. As part of the investigation and processing of reports of irregularities, A.Fiúza & Irmão, Lda., may use third parties who may, for this reason, have access to the personal data of the author of the communication and those targeted. In these cases, it is ensured that such third parties offer guarantees for the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures so that the processing meets the security requirements and protection of the rights of applicable data subjects.
      5.3. A.Fiúza & Irmão, Lda., may also transmit personal data to third parties, when necessary:
      – Applicable law;
      – In compliance with legal obligations/court orders;
      – In response to requests from public or government authorities;
      – When the data subject has given their express consent.
      These third parties include judicial entities or public authorities (for example, Tax Authorities, the Competition Authority, the Bank of Portugal, the Securities Market Commission, the Insurance and Pension Funds Authority, Judicial or Administrative Courts or Criminal Police), law firms or third parties authorized to conduct investigations (namely auditing or forensic investigation companies).
      Confidentiality will not be guaranteed only when disclosure of information is required under applicable legislation, in the context of other investigations or subsequent legal proceedings.
      5.4. Personal data may only be kept for the period necessary to achieve the purposes of collection or subsequent processing, in accordance with applicable legislation.
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