Sustainable Compliance

We encourage the rational use of the natural resources, select the most ecofriendly materials and reduce the environmental impact caused on the productions processes.

Social Policy

We know about the unrivalled human values we have and how important is to promote a positive environment for all team and to the community.

Is this why we invest in a good atmosphere, protecting social causes and encourage values and ethical behaviors.

Moreover we have developed our Code of conduct that complies our goals and commitments disclosed to our employees, partners and customers.

Environmental Responsibility

As player in the industrial market we know the risk of our activity into the environment for this and future generations.

More and more we reduce the harmful impact into the environment by well practices in the selection of raw materials, in the handle of chemicals and potential hazardous materials, in a rigorous policy on the waste handling and ensure more efficient use of energy and non-renewable sources in the global stages of the production activity.

Health and Safety

Work in a healthy and safety conditions is the basic and primary concern with our employees.

We take effective steps to prevent potential accidents and injury to the workers and minimize hazards related to the productions activities and the workplace environment.