Our story begun with two brothers António Fiúsa and João Fiúsa, both experienced as circular knitting technicians, which back to 1983 decided to create their own business: was born A. Fiúza & Irmão Socks Manufacturer. A family story proudly running into the second generation.

Located in Barcelos, North of Portugal, we are in the hearth of the most prestigious Portuguese Textile zone based in top quality products and services. Although the importance of this heritage is the open mind of the company that brings a sustainable and continuous progress. We are history and trust.


A. Fiúza & Irmão is 100% export socks manufacturer exclusively dedicate to private labels mainly based in Europe.

We offer one-stop service from R&D, design, prototype development, till production and shipping, in a wide range of 1st class products covering such different targets as Fashion, Everyday, Medical, Compression, Outdoors and Technical Sports.

To ensure it we combine a talented team following the highest quality through advanced yarns, the most progressive designs and cutting edge machinery. Around it we have a flexible position, with close approach, to attend and redefine the product and service level.

And we never forget the short time lines of today's market channels. Being in business since 1983 has allowed us to accumulate unrivalled experience and Deliver on Time became one of our key features.

This is a true service that turns us into a serious partner.

The way we do. The way we are.


Continually anticipate and satisfy the customers' needs, through a top quality and innovative service in the socks manufacturing, grounded in a profitable and well-being business for the employees, managers and stakeholders.


Be an international leader reference on the socks manufacturing combining quality and innovative products through a 1st class service.